Lewis Argall


Lewis Argall has created story worlds for as long as he can remember using any medium that he can get his hands on. His work includes writing, sculpture, textile design, performance art, and animation. Lewis is a member of the artist-run initiative, Agar Dish, and collaborates with Lucinda Clutterbuck and Nikola Malbasic in their creative partnership, The Square Pegs Institute.

As part of the agar dish, Lewis has exhibited his sculpture installations and live art performances at numerous spaces and events around Sydney including at 107 Projects, Intersect Arts Sydney and the Inner West Council’s Sight and Sound Arts Program. In May 2016, he was a participating artist in Forward/Story, a global artist’s lab led by Lance Weiler and Christy Dena and hosted in Costa Rica with the support of Columbia University.

Lewis Argall has what is known as a twice exceptional mind. This means that although he is highly gifted and has strong verbal and perception skills, he also deals with significant learning difficulties and can often struggle to process information. These challenges have shaped both the ideas and methods used in his art practice. Lewis’ creativity flows directly from his mind to his hands and into the physical world. Lewis describes his writing process as something that just happens and he has to ride the wave.

Lewis is passionate about education for twice exceptional young people and has been a photographer and workshop facilitator at the NSW Camp for Gifted Children hosted by the Australian Gifted Support Centre. He is also an animator and facilitator with Piccolo Films at the Lake School of Celtic Music Song and Dance where he runs Art-Shed with Lucinda Clutterbuck.

Lewis Argall studied animation and game design at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) and is currently developing a TV series called BUDs with Nikola Malbasic, a graduate of AIE’s incubator program.


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